Gator chomp!

Sentiment Update

Some painful Gator chomping took place on March 18th. In the NCAA basketball tournament, the Florida Gators dismantled the UVA pack-line defense in a 26 point victory.  As a life long Wahoos fan, I’m still licking my wounds.

Coincidentally, the March 18th weekend possibly marked the start of a different type of alligator closing its jaws. As you can see in our proprietary sentiment chart below, the right hand side of the chart looks like the open jaws of an alligator. History has taught us that it makes sense to continue to wait for the sentiment indicators (green line) to move into positive territory before we add to equity positions. In other words, it would be nice for the lines on the chart to converge and the jaws of the alligator close.

As always, American Capital Advisory is still accepting investors into our investment strategies and I would welcome any referrals.